Tax and Finance Calculators

Below is a range of taxation and finance calculators that include a property capital gains tax (CGT) calculator, a linked profit & loss and cash flow budget calculator that automatically works out quarterly or monthly GST payments, and a monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPI) calculator that works out breakeven sales, mark-up, stock turnover and return on shareholders funds.

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Cash Flow Budget Calculator
These two budgets are linked, simple to navigate and both have a number of in-built features that allow businesses to more accurately forecast profitability and cash flow. The cash flow budget automatically calculates the GST by prompting users to select either monthly or quarterly GST reporting and whether GST is paid on either a cash or accrual basis. Also, the collection and payment percentage rates for debtors and creditors (e.g. current, 30 days, etc) can be entered to better reflect the impact of sales and purchases on the cash flow position.

Property CGT Calculator
This unique calculator provides an indicative comparison of the capital gain derived on the sale of a commercial or investment property by a resident individual and also the additional tax payable on the gain under both the Indexation and 50% Discount Methods. Also included are Notes to guide investors on the various items that may form part of the cost base of the property and the adjustments that may need to be made to the cost base upon sale.

Monthly Hire Purchase Amortisation Calculator
This calculator produces a schedule displaying the monthly breakdown of payments between principal and interest for assets financed under a hire purchase contract. The interest is calculated under the actuarial method to comply with Australian Taxation Office guidelines which don’t permit using the rule of 78. The calculator can equally be used for a finance lease.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Calculator
A feature exclusive to this site is that businesses can instantly calculate a number of KPIs on a monthly basis including: debtors turnover, stock turnover, average mark-up, average monthly breakeven sales & return to shareholders.

Loan Repayment Calculator
A simple loan calculator that determines repayments given the amount to be borrowed, interest rate and term of the loan.

Days between dates Calculator
A useful tool that calculates the number of days between two dates.

Annual Leave Calculator
This calculator can be used by employers across Australia to determine the Annual Leave entitlements for employees.

Long Service Leave Calculator
This calculator can be used by many employers across Australia to determine the number of weeks that an employee has accrued Long Service Leave.


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