About Us

Australianbiz is an online resource for small businesses that provides an extensive range of tax and business articles, tax and finance calculators, tax checklists, business templates and other practical information to assist businesses to become more profitable and comply with their tax and other obligations.

The site was developed and is fully maintained by practising accountants which ensures the information is practical and up-to-date. 

The major features of our website are:

  • We provide practical monthly small business tax updates that are written by our experienced in-house tax consultants who are all practising accountants;
  • Quarterly articles on income tax, superannuation and estate planning and business management are provided by our alliance partners Macpherson Kelley Lawyers and Exit Advisory Group.  
  • Quarterly articles on the most up-to-date asset protection and structuring strategies as well as workplace and employment law issues are provided by Andreyev Lawyers;   
  • Included under Tax & Finance Calculators is a Key Performance Indicators Calculator whereby key ratios for a business can be instantly calculated on a monthly basis (e.g. breakeven sales, debtors turnover and mark-up), plus a linked profit & loss and cash flow budget that automatically calculates GST, and a Property Capital Gains tax Calculator; 
  • The section on Business Templates contains up-to-date key documents that need to be prepared from a management and legal perspective, including a business plan, a marketing plan and an employment contract and contractor agreement that are updated each year;
  • There is a comprehensive list of links to the business websites of Commonwealth and State Government organisations around Australia; and
  • The most commonly used and up-to-date tax rates for businesses and individuals are provided together with supporting comments. 

plus much more.

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