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These articles focus on small business taxation and business issues that assist SME business owners to better manage their business and income tax compliance obligations. To read an article select one from those listed below or click on the heading to view a more comprehensive list of articles in that area.

Small Business Tax Updates - [showing 10 most recent articles]

Tax News and Updates August 2022 August, 2022
2022 EOFY Tax Reporting Obligations for Businesses July, 2022
2022 Tax Planning Strategies for SME Businesses June, 2022
Tax News and Updates May 2022 May, 2022
Tips in Preparing the 2022 FBT Return April, 2022
ATO Cracking Down on Family Trust Distributions March, 2022
Tax News and Updates February 2022 February, 2022
Tax Issues for Businesses Providing Benefits to Staff at Christmas December, 2021
Tax News and Updates November 2021 November, 2021
Tax News and Updates October 2021 (free to view) October, 2021

Asset Protection and Structuring - [showing 10 most recent articles]

Protecting Business Assets with Post Employment Restraints June, 2022
Why Businesses Need to Document In House Arrangements March, 2022
Asset Protection and Estate Planning for Sole Directors of Private Companies December, 2021
Limiting Liability and Protecting Assets in a Business Structure September, 2021
Why Every Business Needs a Buy Sell Agreement June, 2021
How to Protect your Business from a Divorce (free to view) March, 2021
Asset Protection Issues on Transferring the Family Home to your Spouse December, 2020
How to Protect Your Business and Domain Names September, 2020
Securing Loans to Family Members During COVID 19 June, 2020
Tips for Bringing New Investors into a Family Business March, 2020

Business Management - [showing 10 most recent articles]

3 Options to Consider Once Your Business Reaches the Freedom Point June, 2022
8 Business Exit Strategies to Consider March, 2022
Top 8 Reasons to Get a Business Valuation December, 2021
5 Risky Signs Your Business is too Reliant on You (free to view) September, 2021
5 Things You Can Do to Drive Up Company Value in 2021 and Beyond June, 2021
Operational and Commercial Resilience Checklist for Businesses in 2021 March, 2021
Management Reporting for Business Owners December, 2020
Strategies to Future Proof your Business September, 2020
Focusing on the Key Numbers During COVID 19 June, 2020
10 Tips for Business Owners to Manage The Coronavirus March, 2020

Insolvency and Business Recovery - [showing 10 most recent articles]

ATO Ramps up Debt Collection Activities and Issues Director Penalty Notices June, 2022
Legal Developments With Unfair Preference Claims March, 2022
Post Pandemic Business Protection December, 2021
Director Identification Numbers to Tackle Phoenix Activity September, 2021
ASIC Stamping Out Phoenix Activity With New Director Resignation Rules June, 2021
The Post March 2021 COVID Reality for Businesses March, 2021
Small Business Restructuring and Liquidation Reforms December, 2020
Strategies for Managing Corporate Solvency during COVID 19 September, 2020
Changes to Insolvency Laws Due to COVID 19 June, 2020
Illegal Phoenixing is Widening the Scope of Directors Personal Liability March, 2020

Superannuation and Estate Planning - [showing 10 most recent articles]

Will Drafting and Superannuation Death Benefits June, 2022
Strategies to Limit Tax on Lump Sum Super Death Benefits March, 2022
Importance of Having a Power of Attorney in a SMSF December, 2021
Issues With Insolvent Estates September, 2021
The Risks of not Having a Binding Death Benefit Nomination June, 2021
Tips and Traps of Including Children as Members of a SMSF March, 2021
Tips in Choosing an SMSF Name December, 2020
Why a Trading Company Should Not Act as Trustee of a SMSF September, 2020
SMSF Trustee Issues with COVID 19 Early Access to Superannuation June, 2020
Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty Law Finally Passed March, 2020

Taxation - [showing 10 most recent articles]

Tax Issues with Division 7A Loans to Private Company Shareholders June, 2022
Trust vs Company Structures March, 2022
Tax Considerations with Foreign Income December, 2021
Tax Effective Realisation of Real Estate September, 2021
Tax and Duty Issues of Buying Shares or Units in an Entity over Assets June, 2021
Utilising Temporary Loss Carry Back Rules For Companies (free to view) March, 2021
Meaning of Active Asset Under the Small Business CGT Concessions December, 2020
Share Vs Asset Sale Under the Small Business CGT Concessions September, 2020
Tax Restructuring During COVID 19 June, 2020
Claiming the $150000 Instant Asset Write Off March, 2020

Workplace and Employment Law - [showing 10 most recent articles]

How to Manage Flexible Working Arrangements June, 2022
Importance of Contractual Terms in Determining Independent Contractors vs Employees March, 2022
Factors to Consider Before Implementing a Mandatory COVID 19 Vaccination Policy December, 2021
Privacy Issues for Employers September, 2021
What Employers Should Know About Changes to Casual Employment June, 2021
How to avoid an Unfair Dismissal Claim for a Poor Performing Employee March, 2021
Legal Issues for Employees Working from Home December, 2020
How to Lawfully Stand Down Employees During COVID 19 September, 2020
Difference Between a Stood Down or Terminated or Redundant Employee June, 2020
Casual Employees Now Have Unfair Dismissal Rights March, 2020


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