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These articles are written by leading industry experts and cover a wide array of issues to assist in the better management of your business. To read an article select one from those listed below or click on the heading to view a more comprehensive list of articles in that area.

Monthly Business Tax Updates - [showing 10 most recent articles]

2017 FBT Return - Preparation & Tips April, 2017
GST Mistakes By Small Businesses/Simpler BAS Reporting March, 2017
Claiming Tax Deductions for Working from Home February, 2017
New Small Business Restructure Rollover Relief December, 2016
How to Provide FBT Free Benefits to Staff This Christmas November, 2016
New Withholding Tax on Sales of Property October, 2016
ATO Focuses on Rental Property Deductions September, 2016
7 Myths About Employee/Contractor Arrangements August, 2016
EOFY Tips for Business Owners July, 2016
2016 EOFY Tax Planning Strategies June, 2016

Asset Protection & Structuring - [showing 10 most recent articles]

Issues to Consider when Allotting or Transferring Private Company Shares March, 2017
Issues to Consider in Restructuring a Small Business December, 2016
Shareholders Agreements - Why Are They Important? September, 2016
Protecting Assets without Triggering Tax Liabilities June, 2016
Small Business Restructure Rollover Bill Introduced March, 2016
Drafting Family Trust Deeds For Tax Effective Outcomes December, 2015
Asset Protection & The Family Home September, 2015
SMSF Property Development Structures June, 2015
How Business Structure Impacts on Small Business CGT Concessions March, 2015
Issues when a SMSF Invests in a Private Company December, 2014

Business Management - [showing 10 most recent articles]

5 Business Strategies For 2017 March, 2017
Tips for Improving Cash Flow in Your Business December, 2016
Strategies to Minimise Fraud in Your Business September, 2016
How to Future Proof Your Business June, 2016
10 Business & Wealth Strategies For 2016 March, 2016
How to Maximise Value Before a Business Sale December, 2015
Tips to Improve Workplace Productivity September, 2015
Five Tips for Improving Business Efficiency June, 2015
Benefits of Using Cloud Accounting March, 2015
Choosing the Best Succession Plan for your Business December, 2014

Insolvency & Business Recovery - [showing 10 most recent articles]

Preference Payments – Beware of Liquidators Claw Back Powers! March, 2017
A Time Bomb For Directors – Not Updating Your ASIC Details December, 2016
Directors at Risk of Being Publicly Examined by Liquidators September, 2016
Company Directors Beware - The Sting in the Tail of ATO Payment Plans June, 2016
Fallout From Dick Smith Collapse – Employee Entitlements & Consumer Protection Issues March, 2016
Family Trusts – What Happens on the Death of a Corporate Trustee December, 2015
Bankruptcy and Family Law – Who Gets What! September, 2015
Family Trusts – Insolvency Risks with Conflicts of Interest June, 2015
Family Trusts & Insolvency – Are Your Assets Really Protected? (free to view) March, 2015
How Businesses can Avoid the Banks Bad Books December, 2014

Superannuation & Estate Planning - [showing 10 most recent articles]

Superannuation Changes Applying From 1 July 2017 March, 2017
Ten Myths of Estate Planning December, 2016
Estate Planning With SMSF's September, 2016
Budget 2016 – Major Changes to Superannuation June, 2016
Super Strategies For All Ages March, 2016
Importance of Proper Estate Planning December, 2015
When Should You Make Voluntary Super Contributions? September, 2015
Super Planning Strategies for 2014/15 June, 2015
Should a SMSF have an Individual or Company Trustee? March, 2015
Tips & Traps with SMSF Property Investment December, 2014

Taxation - [showing 10 most recent articles]

Tax Effective School Fee Planning March, 2017
ATO Program to Identify 'Lifestyle' Assets December, 2016
Using a Family Trust in Your Business Structure September, 2016
Strategies for Claiming Interest on Your Home Loan June, 2016
CGT Main Residence Tips and Traps March, 2016
Tax Issues with Investments in a Child's Name December, 2015
Tax Strategies for High Income Earners September, 2015
Tax Implications of Failed Trust Distributions June, 2015
Holding Assets in a Family Trust v SMSF March, 2015
Court Finds Individual Contractors to be Employees December, 2014

Workplace & Employment Law - [showing 10 most recent articles]

How to Prevent Staff From Taking Your Trade Secrets March, 2017
How to Write a Good Termination Letter December, 2016
Strategies to Improve your Recruitment Process September, 2016
Critical Clauses in Employment Contracts June, 2016
Tips & Traps With Fixed Term Employment Contracts March, 2016
Dealing with Employees on Sale of a Business December, 2015
Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace September, 2015
Employee Drug Testing - Navigating the Minefield June, 2015
How to Create a Social Media Policy for Employees March, 2015
6 Steps to Plan for Employee Termination December, 2014


The articles represent the views of the author(s) and not necessarily those of Australianbiz. The contents are for general information only and are not intended as professional advice. Readers should not act on the information contained therein without proper advice from a suitably qualified professional.

Australianbiz, its representatives and the author(s) expressly disclaim all liability for any loss or damage to any person or organisation, whether a user of this site or not, for the consequences of anything done or omitted to be done by any such person relying on the contents of these articles.

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