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Business Articles

These articles focus on small business taxation and business issues that assist SME business owners to better manage their business and income tax compliance obligations. To read an article select one from those listed below or click on the heading to view a more comprehensive list of articles in that area.

Small Business Tax Updates - [showing 10 most recent articles]

JobKeeper Extension – New Rules Apply From 28 September 2020 August, 2020
2020 EOFY Tax Reporting Obligations July, 2020
2020 Tax Planning Strategies For SME Business Owners June, 2020
FBT Audit Hot Spots For 2020 May, 2020
COVID-19 Stimulus: JobKeeper Payment to Support Businesses and Employees April, 2020
Federal Government Coronavirus Stimulus Packages: Tax Support For Businesses March, 2020
Tax News - March 2020 March, 2020
Claiming Tax Deductions For Business Travel February, 2020
Tax News - December 2019 December, 2019
Christmas Parties and Gifts: Tax and FBT Issues For Employers November, 2019

Asset Protection & Structuring - [showing 10 most recent articles]

Securing Loans to Family Members During COVID-19 June, 2020
Tips for Bringing New Investors into a Family Business March, 2020
Making the Most of Asset Protection for Family Trusts December, 2019
Property Development Structures - No One Size Fits All September, 2019
Tips for Trustees Drafting Distribution Minutes June, 2019
Implementing a Family Governance Framework March, 2019
Golden Rule for Inter-Family Loans – Get Them in Writing! (free to view) December, 2018
Using Trusts For Asset Protection September, 2018
Licensing Your Business to a Related Company June, 2018
Strategies for Passing Control of Assets in a Family Trust March, 2018

Business Management - [showing 10 most recent articles]

Focusing on the Key Numbers During COVID-19 June, 2020
10 Tips for Business Owners to Manage The Coronavirus March, 2020
Tips for Managing Internal Fraud in a Business December, 2019
Introducing Systems into Your Business September, 2019
Making Employee Engagement a Top Priority in the Workplace June, 2019
How to Maximise The Value of Your Business March, 2019
Tips to Protect Your Business from Fraud December, 2018
5 Reasons why Businesses Should use Social Media (free to view) September, 2018
Buy/Sell Insurance For Business Owners June, 2018
Warning Signs of Business Failure March, 2018

Insolvency & Business Recovery - [showing 10 most recent articles]

Changes to Insolvency Laws Due to COVID-19 June, 2020
Illegal Phoenixing – The Widening Scope of Directors Personal Liability March, 2020
Strategies for Getting Paid Faster December, 2019
How to Enforce a Judgment Debt September, 2019
Implications for Landlords when a Tenant is Insolvent June, 2019
Asset Protection & Risk Management Issues for Business Owners March, 2019
Changes to Director Penalty Notices – Increasing Directors’ Personal Liability December, 2018
Directors Beware – Insolvency Claims are Now for Sale! September, 2018
The New Safe Harbour Provisions – A Potential Lifeline For Company Directors (free to view) June, 2018
Director’s Personal Liability – Beware the Spotlight is on! March, 2018

Superannuation & Estate Planning - [showing 10 most recent articles]

COVID-19 Early Access to Superannuation - SMSF Trustee Considerations June, 2020
Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty Law Finally Passed March, 2020
Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty Reintroduced December, 2019
Documenting a SMSF Investment Strategy September, 2019
Single Touch Payroll (STP) Reporting June, 2019
Super Contribution Limits for the 2018/19 Financial Year March, 2019
How Superannuation Death Benerfits are Taxed December, 2018
Downsizing Contributions into Superannuation September, 2018
Claiming a Tax Deduction for Personal Super Contributions (free to view) June, 2018
Crackdown on Employer Super Obligations March, 2018

Taxation - [showing 10 most recent articles]

Tax Restructuring Opportunities During COVID-19 June, 2020
Tips & Traps in Claiming the $150,000 Instant Asset Write-Off March, 2020
Factors to Consider when Hiring a Contractor December, 2019
Main Residence Exemption – 6 Year Temporary Absence Rule September, 2019
Record Keeping for Businesses at Year End June, 2019
Implications of Changing Residency Status for Tax Purposes March, 2019
Deduction for Residential Rental Property Travel Expenses December, 2018
How GST Applies to Subdivisions of Residential Premises September, 2018
Tax Issues With Cryptocurrency June, 2018
New GST Withholding Regime for Property Buyers March, 2018

Workplace & Employment Law - [showing 10 most recent articles]

Difference Between a Stood Down, Terminated or Redundant Employee June, 2020
Casual Employees Now Have Unfair Dismissal Rights March, 2020
An SME Employer’s Guide to the Privacy Act December, 2019
Getting Redundancies Right - A Guide for Small to Medium Businesses September, 2019
Practical Tips to Navigate Modern Awards June, 2019
Strategies to Avoid Underpaying Employee Wages March, 2019
Employers Beware – Casual Employee in Workpac Case Found to be Permanent December, 2018
Checklist for Departing Employees September, 2018
How to Deal with Workplace Bullying (free to view) June, 2018
Employment Law New Year’s Resolutions March, 2018


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