Property Capital Gains Tax Calculator

This capital gains tax property calculator has been developed by our team of income tax specialists specifically for our subscribers. The calculator provides an indicative comparison of the capital gain derived on the sale of a commercial or investment property by a resident individual during the 2023/24 year and also the additional tax payable on the gain under both the Indexation and 50% Discount Methods. Also included are Notes to guide investors on the various items that may form part of the cost base of the property and the adjustments that may need to be made to the cost base upon sale.

The calculator can also be used for other investments such as shares. 

Capital gains tax does not generally apply to assets acquired before 20 September 1985, therefore the date of purchase must be entered from this date onwards. The calculator also only accepts the date of sale which is entered during the period 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024.

The calculator does not reflect any current year or prior years capital losses that the individual may have incurred, or a partial capital tax exemption that may be applicable to the property. 

Complete the first five fields and all other applicable fields, then click on the "calculate" button to work out the capital gain on the property and the additional tax payable on the gain.

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