Cash Flow Budget Calculator

Linked Profit & Loss Budget & Cash Flow Budget Calculator

The team of practising accountants at Australianbiz have developed a sophisticated and user friendly profit & loss and cash flow budget to assist businesses to more accurately forecast profitability and their future cash flow position.

The two budgets are linked and have a number of inbuilt features including:

  • The profit & loss budget contains a column for separating income and expenses that include GST or have no GST.   
  • The cash flow budget automatically calculates the GST by prompting users to select either monthly or quarterly GST reporting and whether GST is paid on either a cash or accruals basis. 
  • Operating expenses on the profit & loss budget are amortised evenly during the 12 month period and the cash flow budget automatically records these payments on either a monthly or quarterly basis. For example, it is assumed that rates & taxes, insurance, light & power, and fringe benefits tax are paid quarterly, whilst all other operating expenses are paid monthly.    
  • By entering an interest rate, the profit & loss budget can automatically calculate interest paid each month on the overdraft, or interest received where the account is in credit at the end of the month.
  • Opening balances (e.g. bank overdraft/credit balance, GST liability/refund, debtors & creditors) can be entered on the cash flow budget.
  • The collection and payment percentage rates for debtors and creditors (e.g. current, 30 days, etc) should be recorded to better reflect the impact of payment terms on the cash flow budget.

The cash flow budget has columns for entering the most common items such as PAYG instalments/income tax, loan repayments, plant & equipment purchases, dividends, and loans made to the business.

The budgets have been designed for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, although they can be equally used by both professional practices (e.g. architects) and other businesses (e.g. electrical contractors).   

To make the two budgets more user friendly, the blue columns are where amounts can be input. Enter amounts on the profit & loss statement on a GST-exclusive basis, and on a GST-inclusive basis on the cash flow budget. Don’t include commas.

The cash flow budget assumes that the GST on either a monthly or quarterly basis is paid/refunded in the following month and that no special arrangements apply.

Note that the two budgets contain a large amount of background code, therefore they will take a few seconds to load, calculate, print and save.

You can choose to prepare the Budgets on either a financial year or calendar year basis by selecting the appropriate dates below. If you have previously saved data, please choose an item from the list below. You will need to click on "calculate" when you go back into a saved file for all the data to appear.     


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