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The finance tool Hire Purchase Calculator (Calculates the monthly payments for items financed under a hire purchase arrangement and takes into account GST.) is for logged-in members only -

Other members-only finance tools are:

Small Business Interest Rates
Links you to the latest Interest Rates on selected small business loans and business overdrafts from a number of financial institutions in Australia.
Business Benchmarking (KPIs)
A feature exclusive to this site is that businesses can instantly calculate a number of KPIs on a monthly basis including: debtors turnover, stock turnover, average mark-up, average monthly breakeven sales & return to shareholders.
Loan Repayment Calculator
A simple loan calculator that determines repayments given the amount to be borrowed, interest rate and term of the loan.
Days between dates Calculator
A useful tool that calculates the number of days between two dates.
Finance Lease Calculator
Calculates the monthly payments on a finance lease. The calculator also works out the additional payments where a luxury motor vehicle is financed and takes into account GST.
Annual Leave Calculator
This calculator can be used by employers across Australia to determine the Annual Leave entitlements for employees.
Long Service Leave Calculator
This calculator can be used by many employers across Australia to determine the number of weeks that an employee has accrued Long Service Leave.
Current Exchange Rates
Lists the exchange rates for various currencies when compared to the Australian Dollar.
Convert Foreign Currency
Estimates the value of one currency when converted into a foreign currency.
Superannuation Salary Sacrifice Calculator
This calculator works out the increase in net disposable income that occurs during the 2006/07 year where an Australian resident taxpayer makes a superannuation contribution from pre-tax salary as opposed to after-tax salary.
Monthly Hire Purchase Amortisation Calculator
This calculator produces a schedule displaying the monthly breakdown of payments between principal and interest for assets financed under a hire purchase contract. The interest is calculated under the actuarial method to comply with Australian Taxation Office guidelines which don’t permit using the rule of 78.

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