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Asset Protection & Structuring

These quarterly articles are written by Andreyev Lawyers and focus on the very latest asset protection and income tax structuring strategies for small business owners.  


About Andreyev Lawyers 

Andreyev Lawyers is a full-service commercial law firm operating in Sydney and Adelaide. The firm provides modern legal services to businesses, independently minded entrepreneurs, and investors and their families. The firm’s philosophy is “you come first, not our egos or our profits”.

Andreyev Lawyers offers the full range of legal services needed by business owners, investors, and their families, including:

  • Establishing business and investment structures, including structures for collective investments
  • Documenting comprehensive agreements amongst owners, including Shareholder Agreements, Unit Holder Agreements and Constitutions
  • Drafting tailored commercial agreements, including specialised ‘one off’ type agreements and loans and structured (and securitised) finance arrangements
  • Providing advice and implementing strategies to protect accumulated wealth and business assets from unjust claims
  • Estate planning and wealth protection for business owners and high net-worth individuals
  • Technical advice on tax and superannuation laws
  • Acting in commercial disputes on behalf of business owners with third parties and business partners and in disputes with the Tax Office and other revenue authorities.

For specialist advice on any matter that affecting your business or investments, contact Andrew Andreyev or Louise Russo on 1300 654 590.

Alternatively, you can visit the Andreyev Lawyers website at for a full range of the firm’s services, including useful articles and information.


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Golden Rule for Inter-Family Loans – Get Them in Writing! (free to view) December, 2018
Using Trusts For Asset Protection September, 2018
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