Accountants Q & A Forum

Australianbiz has developed a Q & A Forum specifically for accountants in public practice across Australia whereby they can post questions on tax and other issues and get responses from fellow accountants and other specialists – click here to access the Forum login page and view a sample of the questions & answers posted by members. 

You can also read more about the Forum on Accountants Daily.

We believe that this is the only online platform in Australia where practising accountants can communicate in real time “exclusively” with other practising accountants outside of a public setting to discuss a range of professional matters.  

To use the Forum, you will need to be an Australianbiz subscriber (refer below for links to our 4 different subscriptions for accountants). Once you sign up to Australianbiz, we will send your login details and some instructions on using the Forum.     

The Forum has a number of categories including: 

-   Company Law & Tax Issues 

-   Individual & Partnership Tax Issues

-   Superannuation & Estate Planning Issues 

-   Trust Law & Tax Issues

-   Practice Management Issues

-   ATO Systems & Administration Issues

-   Business Management & Commercial Legal Issues  

We have a number of specialists on the Forum who can respond to technical tax, legal & other issues including: 

John Jeffreys 

Cathy Russo 

Peter Bembrick 

Chris Kintis 

Glenn Ashcroft  

To make it easier for accountants to use the Forum and get the most out of their experience, we have written some useful tips ranging from how to post questions and/or responses and using the Search button to find topics of interest.

Accountants can remain anonymous or personalise their profile with their practice logo and display their specialities to their peers. This enables users to make contact with a specialist and maybe seek further assistance.       

Professional conduct is a fundamental principle when using this Forum. Under the terms of use, accountants are required to keep their comments respectful at all times and the Forum cannot be used for spamming purposes, advocacy and making statements. This is a Q & A Forum for practising accountants designed solely for the purpose of sharing knowledge with their peers. The Forum has 2 moderators to ensure that the terms of use are being adhered to

Benefits of Using the Forum    

-   It was established by and is administered by practising accountants who understand the issues facing accountants on a daily basis;  

-   Sharing your knowledge and joining discussions online exclusively with other like-minded accountants;   

-   Will greatly assist regional accountants who may have limited resources;    

-   Get queries answered in quick time by your peers; and

-   The ability to source specialist advice on a particular matter if required.

The Forum is a powerful tool for practising accountants across Australia to not only source information, but also to discuss the issues that affect them every day.       

About Australianbiz 

Australianbiz is a subscription based on-line tax & financial management tools platform. The site provides an extensive range of small business focused tax and business articles, tax and finance calculators, tax checklists, business templates and other practical information. 

The site is a very handy resource for small business owners, public practice and commercial accountants, bookkeepers and other SME advisors.

Our site was developed and is fully maintained by practising accountants which ensures the information is practical and up-to-date. 

The major features of the site include: 

-   An extensive library of articles including asset protection & structuring, superannuation & estate planning, employment & workplace law, and business management, plus monthly SME tax updates, all written by industry experts - Click here to view the full list of articles.     

-   A range of templates which include an employment contract and contractor agreement plus a business purchase tax checklist. These documents are updated on an annual basis - Click here to view the full list of templates.      

-   A number of finance and tax calculators which include a linked P & L and cash flow budget that records debtors and creditors payment terms and automatic GST reporting, a property CGT calculator, and a monthly hire purchase amortisation calculator - Click here to view the full list of calculators. 


We offer the following types of subscriptions: 

1.  Standard for SME businesses, accountants and other SME advisors - click here for further details 

2.  Premium Directory Listing for accounting firms only - click here for further details 

3.  Creation of Websites for Accounting Firms - click here for further details 

4.  Articles for Accounting Firms Websites - click here for further details    

Each subscription provides immediate access to all the "members only" information on the site.