Signup for Premium Content Website

We will establish your premium content website upon completion of the following simple to follow steps:

1. Contact Details.

2. Accept Terms of Premium Content Website Agreement.

3. Create Premium Directory Listing.

4. Credit Card Payment Information.

Registration and payment is made on-line by using either Visa or MasterCard. Payments are instantly processed through the secure payment gateway of the National Australia Bank.

Alternatively you can pay by cheque or direct credit into our bank account. Please contact us if you wish to pay this way.

You'll receive two emails after completing the signup process. The first email will confirm that access to the Service has been accepted and will include your username and password. The second email will contain a tax invoice to confirm payment.

You enter/change the personal information on your website (e.g. the sections on about us and our services) when you login to the Australianbiz site under the username and password that you create in the next section and then you click on "Update Website Contents".

Click on "Signup" to enter your contact details and to create your premium listing on our accountants directory.