Superannuation and Estate Planning

These quarterly articles are written by Cathy Russo, principal lawyer and Candice Etherton, associate at Macpherson Kelley lawyers and focus on current succession and estate planning issues impacting on SME business owners.

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About Macpherson Kelley

Macpherson Kelley (MK) is a national commercial law firm that partners with clients to achieve their business goals through practical advice they can confidently act on.

With offices in Brisbane, Dandenong, Melbourne and Sydney, as well as international connections through our Pacific Legal Network team and Multilaw partners, our lawyers collaborate across practice areas and borders to take care of any legal issues faced by our clients – click on our website for further information.

About the Estate and Business Succession Team

Cathy Russo and Candice Etherton have extensive experience in Estate and Business Succession planning work.

The Team’s experience includes estate planning for SME business owners involving extensive and complicated assets;  dealing with superannuation including binding death nominations as part of the estate process; preparing wills coupled with testamentary trusts and all ancillary documents such as powers of attorney and advanced health directives; complex estate administrations; reviewing business structures to ensure smooth succession planning during life particularly in ensuring control is passed to the next generation in the most tax effective manner possible, and acting in business exits by sale or other means. 

Our team understands that estate planning brings into play both legal and non-legal issues. We bring discreet experienced commercial knowledge to a client’s circumstances to ensure that a client’s assets are dealt with in accordance with their wishes and that family wealth is passed on to the next generation in the most effective manner possible.

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