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Insolvency & Business Recovery

As part of our commitment to providing a value-added service to Australian small businesses, Australianbiz regularly publish articles on Insolvency, Turnaround and Forensic Accounting. These articles are written by de Vries Tayeh. 

About de Vries Tayeh 

de Vries Tayeh is a Chartered Accounting practice specialising in a number of boutique areas within the accounting profession and business world. We have identified what we are really good at, where we can be intelligent and innovative and this is all we do.

Since 1995 we have been providing our specialist services to many professionals and their clients. We compliment the services provided by lawyers, accountants, and business owners. We deliver our expertise with skill, vision, and integrity. Our philosophy is 'that given the correct information, there is a solution that gives everyone a fair go'. This is why we have a reputation that is enviable amongst our peers.

Antony de Vries and Riad Tayeh come from the 'the big end' of town but chose to deliver their services in a more user-friendly environment. Antony and Riad’s vision is to provide the best of both worlds to de Vries Tayeh's clients.

Antony and Riad, together with their staff, have chosen to work in areas that they are passionate about and can deliver some of the best outcomes possible. These areas are:

  • Solvency Management 
  • Corporate Strategy 
  • Turnaround
  • Litigation Support 
  • Due Diligence 
  • Business Succession 
  • Finance
  • Equity Capital 

For specialist Insolvency, Turnaround and Forensic Accounting advice, contact Glenn Ashcroft on 0406 535 099. 

Alternatively visit their website at www.devriestayehcom.au for further information about the full range of services provided by the firm.

To read an article, click on the subject matter.

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