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Add On Services  

1. Animated Flash Introduction*
2. Animated Flash Banners*
3. Company Branding*
4. Team Biography and Photos*
5. Customised Website Design*
6. Client Portal*   
7. Client Database*

Price to be confirmed. Dependent on scale of project.
Development of information website with premium content supplied by Australianbiz. Information includes, Business Articles, Financial Calculators, Tax Facts, and links to business related websites. This information is updated automatically on your website as we update the content on Australianbiz. 

Standard Format

  1. Home
  2. About Us
  3. Services
  4. Employment
  5. Business Articles
  6. Business Calculators 
  7. Business Services
  8. Tax Facts 
  9. Disclaimer & Privacy Policy
  10. Links
  11. Search Site
  12. Contact Us
  13. Latest News (i.e. Blogs)
  14. Newsletters (if your firm produces one)
  15. Integrating Existing Logo (if available)
  16. Different Colour Scheme 
  17. Web Hosting


Standard Format Set-up Fee: $1,089 GST Incl
12 Month Content Subscription and Hosting: $990/per year GST Incl

Where your practice is a Small Business Entity, an immediate deduction can be claimed for the set-up fee as the GST-exclusive cost is less than $20,000. Similarly an immediate deduction can be claimed for prepayment of the content subscription and hosting fee as the term does not exceed 12 months.  



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