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Cash Flow Finance - Factoring & Discounting

Australianbiz is pleased to have an association with Bibby Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd (Bibby) who specialise in providing cash flow solutions to businesses across Australia who sell on credit.


Improve cash flow, save management time and grow your business, free from funding constraints


Bibby Financial Services are the largest global independent provider of cash flow and working capital solutions in the world. In essence, these facilities provide a business with a flexible line of credit against receivables (unpaid invoices) to your customers. We will provide you ongoing cash advances of around 80% of the value of your credit sales on request, within 24 hours, meaning you won’t have to wait up to 30 days or longer for customer payment to access cash from you credit sales. The remaining 10% is returned to you once you customers make payment.


What this means is that your business has access to a flexible, reliable supply of working capital when needed, to improve cash flow and fund growth, free of funding constraints.


In addition to the funding we provide, we can also save you valuable management time, to focus on growing the business, by providing an optional debtor management service, performing cash allocations and reconciliations, issuing monthly statements and chasing and collecting payment on your behalf. You remain in control by working with a team of professionals who ensure your clients are as happy to deal with us as they are with you.


Factoring and Discounting  - What are the benefits?


§         Improve control over cash flow to better manage your business finances

§         Win business by extending terms of trade with confidence, knowing you will be paid promptly

§         Meet wages, tax and expenses on time with ease

§         As your sales grow, so does the funding available to you

§         Increase working capital to accelerate growth

§         Improve margins by using the increased buying power to take advantage of early settlement and bulk discounts

§         Save management time and improve debtor days through outsourcing debtor management to professionals

§        Reduce or replace your overdraft or other loans

§         No real estate security required – remove it from the business, reduce personal risk or use it to secure additional loans for investment


Factoring and Discounting – Features


§         Around 80% funding against invoices

§         Funding within 24 hours from request

§         No real estate security required

§         Direct access to local decision makers

§         Wide range of products able to be tailored to your business

§         Team of experiences professionals dedicated to your account

§         24/7 access to your online account


Who are Bibby Financial Services?


Bibby Financial Services is part of the Bibby Line Group, a dynamic business to business services group with origins dating back to 1807. We operate as a global network of 32 autonomous companies in 11 countries around the world, funding on over $6 billion of sales.


Why Bibby Financial Services?


§         Flexibility – We always endeavour to take a commercial view

§         Full product range – Flexible solutions tailored to your business

§         Leading global independent provider – Stability and a proven track record of success

§         No real estate security required – Free your family home from the business

§         Additional funding available against stock, plant and equipment and property

§         Australia’s only member of the International Factors Group (IFG), with members in over 50 countries around the world


To arrange for a no cost and no obligation consultation with a Bibby manager, simply complete all the items below and then click on the "Submit" button. You will receive a reply within 2 business days.

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